Sudden Change & New Circus Location!

Due to the last-minute discovery of a 24” water pipe with an unknown precise location, which is shallow enough to be ruptured by our circus tent stakes, we are unable to set up our circus tent at the community farm. Therefore, we have quickly moved to the Rugby Club in Midsomernorton.

Midsomer Norton R.F.C. Norton Down Playing Fields, Silver Street, Midsomer Norton, Radstock, UNITED KINGDOM, SOMERSET, BA3 2UE

Tickets and Camping/Campervan Passes: Before arriving on-site, ensure you have your tickets and, if you plan to stay overnight, please advance book your camping or campervan passes. Once you’re here, you’ll be directed to the Circus field where you can set up camp and enjoy a beautiful view of Chew Valley Lake.