Get Involved

There are a few different ways you can get involved in the Temple Cloud Festival. Below are details of the available roles:

Audience Member – Buy tickets to our festival. Quick before they sell out! Online tickets are available – Click Here
Workshop Participant – Get one of our Special Offer £1 circus workshops in Specialist Skills, Aerial Circus Therapy, or Youth Circus. – Click Here

Cafe Volunteer – To help in the cafe. Contact:
Photography Volunteer Contact:

Promotion – Help us promote our event so that we can sell out! Can you help us? Share share share!

  • We are offering Circus Taster Sessions for only £1 – Click here
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  • Instagram – Click Here for our Instagram (please help our instagram account improve!)
  • TikTok – Click Here to see our TikTok
  • YouTube – Click here to see and help promote our YouTube
  • Twitter- Hum it appears we don’t have Twitter yet.. but please share on Twitter too!
  • Local Papers – Have a local paper? Please get in touch
  • Radio – If you can help us promote on the radio please get in touch.
  • Car Park Volunteers/Gate Crew – Help us park the cars safely and appropriately. Contact:
  • Food – Can you provide organic vegan food at our event? Get in touch! Contact:
  • Stall, Do you have a wellbeing stall that you would like to set up for the 3 days of our event?

We are opening our doors to invite artists from other circus schools and training spaces to book in and take part in our show, for an experience of performing in a beautiful circus tent. Circus is traditionally performed in a tent, and there is a special magic in our little big top. Perform an amazing Aerial Act with us – Click Here to find out how to book a rehearsal course and showcase your (or your child’s) circus act as part of the festival.

Are you a recreational artist who would like the opportunity to experience the excitement of performing in a real circus tent within a professionally produced production?

Are you a professional or pre-professional circus artist who would like to showcase new and experimental work and gain experience in performing and insights into the production process?

If you think that you would like to be involved in any of the above ways, please email us as much info as possible to