Arts Council 2022 & 2023

Temple Cloud Circus is a circus school and training space located in Temple Cloud, of which Sammy is the Director.

In January 2022, Sammy completed an Arts Council England funding application with the help of Kate Kavanagh. Sammy asked for funding to help Temple Cloud Circus create an Aerial Circus Therapy Show to be performed at our Summer Tent Circus Weekend, “Temple Cloud Festival”. The financial details of the last two years were used as a projection, and we asked for extra funding to support our development: to make the ACT show (now titled “Labyrinth“); so that we can contract in experts to help us; and to help us make the whole event more sustainable. Arts Council England are supporting us with 60% of the projected costs for this event. By supporting our event, being involved or buying tickets, you will directly be contributing to our expenses. Thank you.

Cultural Community

Temple Cloud is a rural village in Somerset, 10 miles from Bristol and close to many other villages. Temple Cloud Circus school has been open since 2011 and has become an established community for local and visiting circus artists. Tempe Cloud Circus is Non Profit, and we are looking at ways to set up either a CIC or officiate and properly constituted Non Profit, However in the 11 years we have been open, we have never made a profit, despite how busy and full the classes are. Moreover, with students from the age of 5 to adult joining us from the surrounding area, we have become an established feature of our own local landscape, offering regular cultural provision, including to those with disabilities and mental health issues. Beyond the training we offer, our performances draw in a wider section of the local community as family and friends celebrate the achievements of our students, whilst also being introduced to new artistic styles and elite performers when we bring in external artists.

Creative people:

This project highlights the vital role that circus arts can have in helping children and adults to overcome some of their difficulties, and find joy in activities that may seem inaccessible. The performances will dispel the myth that circus performers have to be elite gymnasts or have some kind of super power. While this will be demonstrated through our showcase performances, it will be made overt in the message & storytelling of our ACT show. This project illustrates in a creative way that anyone can have their life transformed through circus activity—regardless of age, cultural demographic or state of mental or physical health. 

The ACT show aims to touch the audience by revealing directly how creative expression is one of the most healing and therapeutic things that can be done when living with a mental health or physical challenge, was well as to demonstrate “wisdom is what works”, thus inspiring people with what works about circus that is actually helpful on a personal level.  It will use beautiful performance and a script informed by real-life testimonies, (whose authors will remain anonymous). Our work is being created to share the many different ways that circus can help people.