Our Performers

Shaena & Barnz with the Pirate Taxi

Rebs – Aerial Hoop, Straps, Silks, Trapeze, Aerial Rope Multi- Skill

Sammy – Aerial Rope

Lyla – Trapeze and Aerial Rope

Edie – Aerial Loop, Hoop, Triples Trapeze

Tilly – Aerial Loop and Violin

Rosina – Aerial Loop

Fin – Trapeze

Evie – Aerial loop

Poppy – Loop


Pam – Aerial Hoop

Kangaroo Moon

Lucy Francis and Nik Litton – Acro Balance

Lucy, Hayley and Bina – Triples Trapeze

Bina – Dance Trapeze

Felipe Reyes – Straps and Hand Balancing

Hayley Ingle – Multi Aerial Skills

Charlie Bicknell – Silks

Ameya – Multi Aerial and Ground Circus Skills

Jilly – Aerial Rope and Single Point Cloud Swing