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Sudden Change & New Circus Location!

Due to the last-minute discovery of a 24” water pipe with an unknown precise location, which is shallow enough to be ruptured by our circus tent stakes, we are unable to set up our circus tent at the community farm. Therefore, we have quickly moved to the Rugby Club in Midsomernorton.

Midsomer Norton R.F.C. Norton Down Playing Fields, Silver Street, Midsomer Norton, Radstock, UNITED KINGDOM, SOMERSET, BA3 2UE

This will be our 5th year of the Temple Cloud Festival YAY! Offering you a weekend of inspiration and magic, come away with the circus and fly with us! Grab your tickets quickly as we have limited capacity and we will sell out!
Children under 1 don’t need a ticket.

To the Moon & Stars Spectacular Aerial Show

Join us on a spectacular journey where the moon and stars light an enchanting aerial path of unforgettable magic. Witness over 20 aerial performers showcase their skills on aerial hoop, loop, silks, aerial rope, straps, hand balancing, and trapeze. Intertwining their talents with tales of circus healing, and an adapted narrative from Clarissa Pinkola Estes’s book about the Great White Bear.  This promises to be a sell-out show, so secure your tickets now!

Our Performers,
Sammy Aerial Rope, Felipe Straps and Hand balancing, Poppy Dance Trapeze, Erin Aerial Hoop, Rebs Turning Jelly Fish Aerial Hoop, Sammy Rebs & Pam Triples Trapeze, Carla with Ribbon Stick Aerial Loop, Betsy and Gerorga Aerial Loop Dup, Olivia Aerial Hoop, Isla Aerial Loop, Pam Aerial Loop, Isaac Mini Spiderman Trapeze, Seren and Flo Duo Hoop, Isla Aerial Rope Loop,  Dylan Aerial Hoop, Evie Trapeze, Lara and Issy Duo Loop, Ida Aerial loop, Neive and Aerial Aerial Silks, Anne Aerial Loop, Ruben Aerial Loop. Special Guests from Aircraft Circus Academy London, Quad Trapeze, and Acro – Whoah ..yes is this is set to be an incredible aerial marathon….

Get ready to be uplifted and inspired by the healing power of the circus! Our Arts Council England-funded Aerial Circus Therapy show “The Labrinth Moon” has not developed into our new show: ” To the Moon and Starts Spectacular to take you on a mesmerizing journey through to the Stars and Moon where we explore the profound connection between creative expression circus and well-being.

Featuring a talented cast of adult students and professionals, this show is a testament to the therapeutic potential of the circus. You’ll be amazed by their incredible acts, all set to the funky, hypnotic & beautiful sounds of Kangaroo Moon. This fusion of world, rock, folk, and dance music creates a richly melodic and dancey atmosphere that unites body and soul. Prepare to be transported by our inspirational and uplifting storyline, which highlights the profound healing effects of the circus community. Get ready to experience the incredible healing power of the circus-like never before!

If you have any access needs or requirements please email us and let us know, we want to make you feel safe and comfortable.

All profits will support our Regeneration Circus Fund. Children under 1 don’t need a ticket.

 Regeneration Circus: Treat yourself to an Inspirational Wellness package, a show ticket, and a 45-minute massage £45. Accessible rate of £3, for those in supported housing, low income, long-term health conditions, or caregiving roles. – for inspiration wellness packages click here :

Show Times :

Friday 14th June 2024

Aerial Circus Therapy workshop 3.30-4.30
Aerial Show 6.30 pm – With Live Music from Kangaroo Moon

Saturday 15th June 2024

3-4 pm Aerial Circus Workshop – Click Here to book 
Aerial Show 6.30 pm – With Live Music from Kangaroo Moon

Sunday 16th June 2024

11am-12  Aerial Circus Workshop– Click Here to book 
2 pm To the Moon and Stars Spectacular Aerial Show

Click Here for tickets

If you have any access needs or requirements please email us and let us know, we want to make you feel safe and comfortable.